You're doing everything you can -

you're managing through high performance expectations

amidst tight resource constraints;

you're doing your best to lead your team, 

being available to them and coaching them to perform at their best.

You know your team is dealing with ongoing stress

and everyone is just doing their best to manage it all.

The inevitable happens - 

but one that you were not necessarily prepared to handle -

a sick certificate lands in your inbox. 

And you feel the tightness in your throat, the punch in the gut, 

and the worries start to surface. 

A range of questions cross through your mind:

  • did I miss out on the chance to help them?
  • how did I not see this coming? 
  • what do I say to the team?
  • how do we manage an already intense workload? 
  • how can I stay in touch them without crossing the line?

You want to do the right thing because you care about your work and you care about your team.

But there's no handbook or policy that tells you exactly what to do.

Until now. 

Grab this comprehensive primer to help supportive leaders like you 

carefully and respectfully manage your employee's absence and successful return to work

and get your team back on track towards sustainable high performance.

What you will get in this primer:

3 hard truths to understand about return to work

10 behaviors to help you facilitate a positive transition

3 phases to navigate and what you can do at each stage

How this guide has helped returning professionals:

I now know that it's important to have a return to work plan and that I can inform how that happens in a way that feels healthy and successful for me.

    I realize I am empowered in this situation and can ask for what I need.

    I appreciate considering the return as a gradual process to implement learnings and consolidate the recovery: a process where adequate support can make a difference.

    Ready to have a roadmap for your employee's return to work?